In a deep bay, hidden from the open sea, lies the small fishing village Rogoznica. Thanks to the excellent location (34 km south of Sibenik and the same from Split airport), numerous historical monuments and fascinating natural beauty, Rogoznica has always been considered a potential high class tourist resorts.
First inhabitants for its dwelling chose in 1390. a land part of today's Rogoznica - Digger, a nearby island - Koper, where residents sought shelter from Turks, is colonized in 1518. When the danger from Turks, island is connected with the mainland through the embankment. On the island in 1809 during French rule, built fortress.
The old church of St. Ivana Trogir from 1324. on near horn Ploča, is telling us that this area was visited and before the arrival of the first settlers. Confirmation of this is the chapel of St. Nicholas in a cage Loznica where on a graveyard are discovered a few stelae. Rogoznica today is a typical Mediterranean town whose population (about 800 inhabitants) is mainly engaged in fishing, agriculture and tourism. Thanks to preserved atmosphere of typical quiet little place, Rogoznica to its inhabitants and visitors offers peace and rest, completely different from a modern life. This little place will quickly embrace as an old friend and after a few days you will feel part of the local population greeted the fishermen when they cast off the sea or toasting a familiar face seeking a short break under the lattice. Moments of pleasure on a natural beach soon will you extract from the tensions that have prompted you to look for a holiday under the hot Mediterranean sun.
If you're one of the people enthusiasts who in his boat, who explores eternal puzzles of the sea, a good hidden harbor will give you a place to rest and to supply. Visit a cave Milina and enjoy the beauty of the nearby lakes connected with the sea, natural phenomena, which enriches this unique entity. If you visit Rogoznica you'll love it. Rogoznica will give you that love back.


Gordana Stričan
Nova C 4
22203 Rogoznica
00385-98-433-321 / 00385-98-321-091


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